Personal Narrative: The Song, It Wasn T Me

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The radio station of 87.3 PST looks bleak until the lights are turned on and computers and sound boards whirr alive while the host takes his or her seat at the microphone. The red recording light starts blinking and we are back live in ..3…2…1! The song, It Wasn’t Me, by Shaggy fades out and the radio host, Elizabeth Decaprio (yours truly) welcomes back the listeners to the show, ‘DeCaprio-Oh-No-You-Didn’t’ and refreshes the mind of the listener by reintroducing herself and the topic for the day, “Today’s segment I’ll be focusing on the topic of being wrong and how it affects every day life.” Since it is a new topic for her to delve into, I know she will be sure to crack a joke to break the ice. She’s already grinning from ear to ear as she…show more content…
Elizabeth prompts her by asking, “When were you wrong?” In the studio, they exchange glances and start laughing, all this being heard by listeners everywhere. Mountz admits to being wrong a lot “in class, in chemistry”. Mountz continues to recount a time when she was really wrong, “It was the week I had several exams, and I didn’t have a lot of sleep which influenced my being wrong” while the ‘Aww’ sound effect follows quickly. She continues explaining the incident, “I walked into my room thinking I would make some easy mac for dinner and just relax.” Elizabeth is nodding, agreeing with Krissy that she deserved to relax and take a small mac and cheese break. The plot thickens as Krissy continues, “I take out the easy mac, and I look at the wrapper on top that says ‘Make sure to add water to this line before you microwave it’ and I remember looking at it thinking, ‘What idiot would not remember to put water in their easy mac?’” I look over at Elizabeth and Krissy and they are both smiling, trying not to laugh. The best part has yet to come as Krissy continues, “As I proceed to put the easy mac without water into the microwave and started the microwave. And within seconds my room was so smoky I couldn’t see and soon after the fire alarm went off.” Krissy concludes her story with, “I could not have been more wrong that day. It was a good learning experience.” You can hear both Krissy and…show more content…
Thomas, Elizabeth starts the last part of the Being Wrong segment. She starts by saying, “I recently read one of those life hack articles online and it included the Step of Adding water to Mac and cheese as a life hack. One of the most well known facts of the college realm, to add water to mac and cheese is certainly not a “life hack” an actual necessity.” There she goes again with macaroni and cheese talk. I still cannot believe half of a segment talked about the wrongdoings of mac and cheese. The mac and cheese lover continues, “It made me think about all the life hack articles and videos floating around, scolding us on how we are living life wrong and correcting our ways. However, some life hacks that people post online, in youtube videos or buzz feed article, bombard us on how we are doing simple tasks wrong. They offer us a more correct way of achieving simple tasks, tasks where there are really no right or wrong way of accomplishing. But from the informers perspective, our way of tying our sneakers or eating a tic tac is considering wrong.” As she’s talking, I’m nodding along with the realization that she 's correct. Every article regarding making life easier insinuates that what I’m doing to live now, is incorrect. Elizabeth goes on to introduce and include a short audio clip of a man who is showing the internet how to eat tic tac the correct way. Elizabeth sits there and twirls in the chair until

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