Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Soccer

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It started when i was 5, as soon as i was eligible to play the lowest level, i did, as soon as i started kindergarten something else begun too. Soccer. For as long as i can remember i have played this game. For as long as i live on this earth i will still play this game. Well for me, it was never a game, it was school, it was religion, and for hundreds of millions of other people it is the same experience. I have played other sports in my life, none that can compare to my game, i have accomplished great things in my life none to which compare to the feeling of scoring a goal, whether it be in a pickup game on a dusty field with a falling apart ball, or the winning goal in a state championship game. Now i am currently fifteen years old and my love for the game has remained unhindered since my elementary school days. I play on my highschool team, a premier…show more content…
The game of soccer, in and of itself is very simple, a rectangle field two goals, two teams, one ball. The simplicity of this game allows i to be by far the most popular sport on the planet by viewers and players, kids in Ghana can express themselves using a ball made out of trash and goals made out of trees and Cristiano Ronaldo can express himself in front of millions of viewers on the best field on the planet but fundamentally the game is all the same, no gimmicks, nothing special. My dad being british very much followed the same path as me, playing from a young age although he is not as good as he used to be he still enjoys playing and watching the game at every chance he gets. After high school i aspire to be a collegiate level soccer player, from there i just would like to become as good as a soccer player as i can be and enjoy every second i play of the beautiful
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