Personal Narrative-The Stamp Act

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“I can 't believe this!” My dad yelled. “This is crazy!” I wondered what was going on as I walked towards my dad. After moving to Georgia, the new colony, everything seemed to be going wrong. “What is it dear?” My mom asked in a curious voice. My dad, Jerry, handed my mom a newspaper. “Read the bottom,” he commanded. My mom read the newspaper silently as her eyes scanned the paper. “This is crazy!” My mom, Rachel, yelled furiously. “It says there will be a tax required for a tax placed on all printed items. We cant afford this!” Were barely making enough money to live on. “Why are they doing this?” I asked. My dad let out a sigh. “The British government is trying to pay off their war debt. It was the war that lasted seven years. Its called the stamp act.” Explained my dad. “They should have at least let us vote.! Why ] would the king do this?” He yelled making me jump. “The Stamp Act was passed by the British parliament on March 22, 1765(, 2015.)” Things are only going to get worse, I thought. I was right. Things got a lot worse. There were many riots , protests and lots of violence. Sadly, my dad was part of the violence. Things got way out of hand. Even though my mom and I didn 't like the taxes, we steal did not like what he was doing. Last week he met with other colonists…show more content…
After about another month, many more rebellious groups were formed. One was the Sons and daughters of Liberty along with many protests,riots, and boycotts. My dad was part of the boycott and refused to buy any British goods. I was glad my mother had talked my father out of doing anything violent like last time. This time me and Mom was part of the boycott. I didn 't think we would make much a difference, but all together we did. I kept thinking back to what my father said, “The tax wouldn 't be a big deal if they would have let us vote!” I thought about it all the time. It really didn 't make a big difference. It only made us mad because the British didn 't let
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