Personal Narrative-The Stereotypes Of New York City

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The blood in my veins boiled as I saw Nicole Malliotakis’s banner in the city this morning. Its election day after all. I wonder how this state will cooperate with someone like her as their mayor. I admit that I did make mistakes, but I still believe that I am capable of changing all the negatives of New York into positives. I got into my car along with the rest of my democrat party going to the election hall in Brooklyn. On the radio, all I can hear was “Nicole Malliotakis casted her vote in Staten Island around 7:00.” Staten island is the only borough I am scared about. During the election 4 years ago, that was the only borough that the republican won. We got to the election hall around 7:30. Looking at the crowd in front of the hall and the ones gathering in front of my car, when I got out of the car the crowd blew me away. I didn’t expect to see so many people waiting for me. I saw the banners and their expressions. I got in the hall about 10 minutes after we arrived due thanking people for voting me.…show more content…
When I got into the hall, I was amazed to see the amount of people lining up at the ballots. I walked in nervously as the flashes from the camera flashed in my face. Walking towards to ballot followed the news reporters like the baby raccoons following its parent. Right after I voted, the news reporters and photographers surrounded me. Walking out the hall, I could see more people walking in only hoping that they are going to vote for me. We got back in the car after everyone casted their vote and turned the radio on. About two and a half hours ago, the results were in. With everyone by my side, I watched the polls go my way as the reporter stated that “Bill de Blasio takes the lead over Nicole Malliotakis as he wins the borough of Brooklyn.” I was left with new words as the room fills with
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