Personal Narrative: The Stock Market Game

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Starting in November Accounting, I began a game called The Stock Market Game. During this game, we were given $5000 to buy 5 different stocks. I began with the strongest companies I knew of. My portfolio included Wal-Mart, Biogen, Netflix, Jack in the Box, and Adobe. These are all well-known companies, and most of them have done me well. unfortunately, some of them had a bad couple of weeks and I was forced to sell in order to get out of the negatives. When first purchasing Wal-Mart it was right before the holiday season, and they were at a 52-week low. I bought at $56.91 and the low is $56.77; Walmart predicted a profit guarantee in 2019. However, I did not estimate it would continue to go down from the 52-week low. The third week I was forced to sell Wal-Mart; it was not bringing much…show more content…
The revenue growth of Jack in the Box has slightly outpaced the industry average of 3.9%. Remaining steady, Jack in the Box never significantly increased or decreased and kept my profit steady throughout the game. Sonic and Adobe were the only two stocks that remained on my portfolio throughout the entire game. Adobe showed a large outflow of money the day I bought it and in class that day we discussed why Adobe would be a good purchase. Since the day, it was purchased the price has risen $6.28. So far this has been my most successful stock. The Stock Market Game has put my stress levels through ups and downs, but in the end, I have continued to make the correct decision in order to obtain a profit. When my profit was negative I looked at the aspects of my portfolio that stayed steady, and I looked into other stocks of the same aspect. Towards the end of the game all of my stocks were steadily making money.I managed to maintain a diversified portfolio ending with the following stocks: American Express, Jack in the Box, Adobe Systems, Target, and
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