Personal Narrative-The Story Behind Me As A Egyptian/Muslim

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The Story Behind me You can understand a lot about a person just by learning about their background. Being an Egyptian/Muslim, my life has been nothing but interesting. I had to find a way to overcome my insecurities and become comfortable with who I really am. Sadly, It’s so much easier said than done. Growing up in non-muslim communities has been one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome, but it forced me to develop coping mechanisms that helped me adapt to my surroundings. Fitting in and pretending to be what society thinks is “normal” has been a burden for me and many people who share similar cultures and beliefs. However, I give myself credit.I played the game very nicely and didn’t dare to break the rules of society. By third grade the whole “fitting in” concept was a piece of cake. I was exactly what I wanted as a child: winning class president two years in a row, playing lead in a major sixth grade play, and making plenty of friends. My trick was simply to avoid talking about religion.…show more content…
I had friends, but none that understood why I was about to start wearing the hijab the next year; none that understood why I couldn’t go to any christmas or halloween parties when I was invited, and certainly none who I could share the experience of my religious celebrations with. Unnecessary thoughts consumed my mind. “What if the friends I have distance themselves from me because of my hijab?” “How would I deal with people who are Islamophobic?”. At the time I felt like a daisy living in a field of roses, which was exactly what every seventh grader
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