Personal Narrative: The Story Of Elton David's Love

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David looked like a ferret. He was polite, a gentleman to a fault, I disliked him in seconds. Perpetually bored, often subdued, David gave the outward of appearance of a kind, older man. The truth was he had feminine qualities, the worst of them. He fought hard to mask them, but if he failed to get what he wanted, he gave away the secret. Every bit the diva, he reminded me of a slender, taller version of Elton John, only more whiny and with hissy fits. He played the game, acting cool and detached, but when flustered, his true nature came out. he wasn’t above speaking his mind when he wanted something done his done his way. reminded me of Elton John having a hissy fit, only thinner. Immediately, I noticed how little respect he had for Charlie. I instantly disliked him.…show more content…
He talked a good game but as far as I knew, he wasn’t sneaking off with anyone nor was he bringing anyone back to my place. I assumed this was because he was being faithful. I would later found out he and his wife agreed to a divorce before he came to Thailand. For all his big talk, he remained tight-lipped about his sexual activities. After prodding him several times, he admitted he had been taking a woman to a hotel. I stopped badgering him but little did I know at the time just how wrong I was about him. Katoy - Pattaya trip to hang out with him. We spent an hour or so talking before making plans for the remainder of the evening. With only two bedrooms, one of them would need to sleep on the sofa. Considering the savings and camaraderie, I thought this was a minor inconvenience. Dan, older and more set in his ways, thought he would have his own room. “I didn’t know I’d be sleeping on the sofa,” he said, frowning. “You want the bedroom Dan?” asked Charlie. “Nah, the sofa looks comfortable. We can switch every other night.” I wanted to sleep. Charlie wanted to go out and was having none of
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