Snow White: A Fictional Narrative

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Once upon a time, there was a cruel prince who wished for a wife. He heard that a child as white as snow, as black as ebony, and as red as blood was born. The Prince devised the perfect plan to make it so they would wed. He killed the child’s mother and made sure an evil queen married her father. I was that queen. At the wedding the Prince gave me a magic mirror and told me that whatever I asked it, it would tell me the truth. I was obsessed with beauty and asked it who was the fairest in the land. It replied said that Little Snow White, my own step-daughter, was in fact the fairest. In a fit a rage I sent my son, the Huntsman, to kill his step-sister. He brought me back what I thought was Snow White’s lungs and liver, though later I found out it was from a boar and my son didn’t have the heart to kill the young girl. I asked my…show more content…
That’s it. Guards, please escort her out of the throne room.”

Two guards lurking in the corner stepped forward, grabbed my arms, and dragged me out. As they did, I formed my own plan on how to kill Little Snow White.

First, I disguised myself as an old peddler woman who was selling bodice laces. I laced Little Snow White so tightly, that she could not breathe. All the prince would have to do is loosen the laces, and she would be brought back.

I later found out that she was revived before the Prince got there.

I tried again. Using the art of witchcraft, I designed a poison comb that would knock who into a sleep like death. Disguised, I went back to the seven dwarves’ resident and told Little Snow White that I had a beautiful comb for sale. She liked it so much that she let me inside, I told her that I would ‘comb her hair properly’. I barely stuck the poison comb in her hair before she fell down unconscious.

One again, she lived to tell the tale without the Prince’s
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