Personal Narrative: The Story Of Running In The Night

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My hair stood on end, a shiver went down my spine. Not because it was cold, but it was the feeling I had. I felt frozen, like I couldn’t move or breathe. It was here. The thing that I had been running from for years. I had tried hiding. I had tried running. None of it had worked. I was done running from my fears. I dashed and screamed as I tore down the dark passageway of Hell. “AAAAH...” The shrill shriek of my own fear woke me up in my own bed, safe...ish. I glanced over at my old analog alarm clock, it ticked to twelve A.M. making it Friday, the 13th, 2013 of December, the thirteenth month of the year. It was back. I may have been in my bed; however, I was in no way safe. 13 YEARS EARLIER EXACTLY The air turned black all around me. The musty smell of dust and debris filled my lungs. What was happening? Suddenly I see the most terrible thing to ever meet my eye. It was a creature. Pure black, blacker than night. Like a living, breathing shadow. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I sprinted like the wind. As I sprinted for my life still all I saw was a misty, dirty atmosphere. This can’t be real life, I told myself, there’s no way. Whatever weird dream I was having, the place I was in looked like Earth. Just, different. It seemed like what some people think our world to look like in the future with pollution and ruining the planet. This had one difference. It was worse. I had been running for what seemed like hours. I was about ready to drop. Until suddenly

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