Personal Narrative: The Rockin's Roller Coaster

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I could not understand why they wanted me to do it. Even Mom wanted to do it and she usually does not do these types of things. I was the very opposite of Mulan because Mulan is very brave and I on the other hand am not. They were so brave to do this. Half of them had done it before but Mom and I have never done it. We were at Walt Disney World in Animal Kingdom, “I am nervous about later today.” I told them. “Why?” Sammie asked. “Because of the Rockin’ Roller Coaster.” I answered. I was not ready for it. How fast it goes, how many loops, in the dark, it just does not sound like something I would do. I was afraid of not being able to see because I like to see what is in front of me. “Come on, please. I was scared at first…show more content…
We rode on one and it was nice because there was not many of us on it. We arrived at the park and it was cool because there were so many things to look at. Some things you could look at were the buildings that the shops were in, the road that went through the center of Hollywood Studios, the Tower of Terror, and so much more. It was starting to get dark and the Fast pass for the Rockin´ Roller Coaster was getting closer to time. Before we had to go to the ride I wanted to get my mind off of that so we went to go see a few characters. All of us stood in line for Sofia the First for about fifteen minutes until Sofia had to leave for a break. It was time for the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, just as before I was still very nervous. Even though I was scared they made me ride it anyway. We all scanned our Magic band to get into the Fast pass line. ¨Who's ready for this ride?¨ Sammie asked excitedly. ¨Not me,¨ I answered with…show more content…
I couldn't believe how much fun I had. I had accomplished my fear. We all go look at the pictures so we can scan our Magic Band and get the pictures on our app for our phones. We go look a the pictures and we all immediately start dying laughing because my face in the picture looked so scared. Mom, Mrs. Sarah, and Sammie´s pictures looked like they were having a blast. We leave the building of the roller coaster and we go look at the time for Tower of Terror but that wait was too long. The line for Tower of Terror would take too long, so we negotiated that we should just go to Fantasmic so we can get good seats. The show for Fantasmic shocked me and I had a bunch of fun even though I didn't want to ride Rockin´ Roller Coaster, I had fun in the end and now it is one of my favorite rides. In the end, I learned to face my fears and don’t be afraid of a lot of
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