Personal Narrative: The Street Baptist Church

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RIIINNNGG!! The buzzing alarm sounded at 6:30, and I frantically jumped out of bed eager to begin my first missions trip. I scurried down the stairs with my bags and jumped into the car en route to Eureka High School to meet the team I would be experiencing my journey with for the next week. When I arrived at the school, a few friends of mine were waiting, but most of the people I had never seen in my life. My heart started to pound against my chest as I suddenly became nervous, second guessing myself on deciding to come on the trip in the first place. What made me even more nervous, was that us students had no idea where we were headed. Two charter busses were waiting for us, so I reluctantly said goodbye to my family and hopped onto the bus, fully putting my trust in the Lord and trusting in the plan he had for me the rest of the week. After an hour and a half in the bus, we pulled over at a rest stop in Springfield to have breakfast. We were almost done eating and…show more content…
Eric Potter, our leader for the trip, announced that we would be visiting the 16th Street Baptist Church that morning. While we were at the church, we were fortunate enough to be able to listen to a speaker talk about the bombing of the church in 1963. Once again the lack of value for human life was present as we learned about the four girls who were tragically killed during the bombing of the church. After the tour of the church, we headed to a rough, rundown neighborhood in Birmingham to collect the garbage along the sidewalks and partner with an organization that works to remodel houses for families who are less fortunate to live in. Painting, collecting garbage, and mowing were tasks that I handled throughout the duration of the day. Once again, after we were done for the done for the day we loaded the busses back up and headed to our final destination of the trip, Nashville,
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