Personal Narrative: The Strengths Of Military Children

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Military children are faced with many difficult challenges throughout their childhood. Most end up with many quality traits, such as loyalty, and resiliency. It is a life filled with constant change. Many things, including parenting attitude can help them transition along the way. It is this life that makes them into what they are, strong kids, full of pride for their country.
Military children have many strengths that they develop throughout their life in the “fortress” although, it is not one without consequences. They spend their entire youth in service to this country and no one will ever know who they are (Hall 2008). They have to sacrifice more than most at a young age. Most military kids know right from wrong, they take their responsibilities
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Many military children do not have that luxury, the have to go through every day that their parent is gone worrying that something may happen to them. Most children do not express their feelings through words and we as parents must watch their body language and behavior to help understand their true feelings (Hall 2008). Deployments are hard for the entire family, but the parent or family member at home needs to do their best to keep the daily routine as much as possible. The children need their daily routines to help make them feel secure. The children need to remain kids; it is not fair to discuss adult fears with them (Hall 2008).
The childhood of a military kid is one that can come with many challenges. It is a lifestyle that was chosen for them. They have to adapt to many situations, cultures and ideals (hall 2008). It is this adaptation that helps them not only survive in most cases, but thrive. Within this lifestyle they learn the difference between right and wrong. They may become a bit of a perfectionist, but it is something that helps them excel and strive to be
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