Personal Narrative: The Stress Of Deer Hunting

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All of the stress I have had on me the past month has been weighing me down. Now when I go hunting think of where I should shoot it for a clean kill. I think what the deer brings me, like the meet, the hide, and the warmth from the hide . I praise the lord now for what he has given me. I have to fill two more tags by the end of second season of deer hunting. If I don’t fill the tags that would be a waste of money. We had to spend over $75 on those tags. I honestly think that the stress on me and the stress on Howard.Your book just lit me up. Ya it is kind of hard for me and my family because my dad has infection and his ankle broke a year ago, his shoulder was broke at about 2 years ago and it still not fully healed. Now his heart is skipping beats. His one lung is all scared and his other lung might be getting that bad too. I just wish the doctors would figure him out. It is hard because my dad has lost over 65 pounds in less than a weak. This book lit me up. I really didn't want to do anything. I didn’t want to go to school. Infact I didn’t even want to go hunting. I just know that some my dad will feel better, but right now he doesn’t feel so good. He broke his arm…show more content…
Dad stayed in the hospital for over a week by the time he came home, he had put over 70 Ivs in his arms. Dad was nervous to go to his appointment the next week because he didn’t want to stay there again. It was harsh that year he sleepwalked out in the cold to go to town but couldn’t find the keys. Mom told everyone to get up and help find dad, so I looked outside and when I looked in the car there he was sleeping in the driver seat. With the doctor bills and all of the other stuff we are kind of broke. When you're told all of that information I had a lot of thoughts. At night I had dreams about what you guys put up with. The only thing that didn’t like was the killing. Ya it was what you had to do but that is a little
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