Personal Narrative: The Stressor Event

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A - The Stressor Event

My daughter Jade is twenty three years old and has been in a common-law relationship for over two years. The man she is involved with is DJ and he has a three year old girl that lives in Ontario, that my daughter loves very much, from a previous relationship. In the recent past DJ had found a good job in Calgary Alberta and had decided to move for this opportunity even though it would be difficult for him to see his daughter. My daughter was committed to their relationship so she had moved to Calgary Alberta to be with him. In Calgary she had found a job at Walmart and quickly advanced to customer service representative. She was very content in Alberta for about eight months until her boyfriend DJ decided he could not live quite so far away from his daughter and informed her he was moving back to Ontario at the end of the month. My daughter 's world got turned upside down overnight,
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I am not sure if her attitude is due to her mental health disorder or her personality since one contributes to the other. It has always seemed to be her and I helping each other amidst the chaos of blending the family.

C - The Way The Family Views The
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She is doing the best she can to control her anxiety during the process of her common-law relationship falling apart. Although she has been extremely emotional she has been planning for the future by creating a resume and getting ready to look for work. I am doing my best to look for financial solutions to help us afford the apartment she is living in. We are using cognitive therapy to change her thoughts and irrational fears pertaining to her future. Her behavioral changes are giving me hope that she will be alright, that she will find ways to move forward despite her limitations and the pain she is feeling due to the break up of this
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