Personal Narrative: The Struggle For Women's Rights

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“When I have a daughter, I don’t want her to worry about having equal rights” ( site). This quote by professor, Kyle Morford, makes women rethink about what rights they have and what the future holds for them. These concerns arose after the Republican Presidential nominee,Donald Trump, won the presidential election. Women feel that the conservative candidate may eliminate or jeopardize all the rights women have worked to earn (site). Some individuals argue that women’s rights are not at stake, instead, they claim that women cannot live independently, without the government support. However, many women do live independently without the government 's help, and in order for people to understand why women feel their rights are threatened, they must first be aware of what obstacles women have had to overcome to gain certain rights.…show more content…
They believe that all women who committed this act should be punished. Ann Lohman, alias (Madame Restell), known as ‘’the wickedest women in New York’’. Madame was considered wicked because she advertized and sold medicines that might cause miscarriages, if that didn 't work she would perform abortions. In 1844 a 26-year-old unmarried servant girl, found herself pregnant by her boss, joseph cook. Joseph sent maria to get treatment from madame after they found out maria was pregnant. Out of 50 states only 8 do not allow abortions; colorado, texas, kansas, etc. States that currently allow from a woman to choice to become a mother or end a pregnancy with the help of a medical physician. Today they are attempting to defund necessary agencies like, planned parenthood which legally provide abortions. And w.i.c. which gives money to the need for their children 's food. It 's not necessarily that the women are too lazy to work just to provide food for their kids, it 's that they work as a mother they need to care for their child 24/7 and can 't find the time
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