Personal Narrative: The Sumner Valley Bike Track

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The Sumner Valley bike track amazed me. So first there is a starting hill, then there is a triple, next is a table top, after that there is a double and first turn and then there is triple then two doubles and the second turn then here comes the complicated part table two rollers step up double step down triple the third turn and finally two rollers and then a table finish line. When I was at the lumberjack nationals it was the summer of the fourth grade. I 've been riding for a while now at least a year and last weekend I turned EXPERT expert is the fourth highest rank in racing. My routine is just riding around the track. I had a nice bike its metallic blue and it had little metal flakes in the paint to give it a shiny look. It 's a monster of a bike. So this is what happened I cra-…show more content…
I viciously ripped the bike and pretended that I gave it to the person that it belonged to and through it to the other side of the track. I got on my bike and started riding, if you were there you could see the determination in my eyes. Ask my father he’ll tell you that I wanted it. I passed the finish line. Telling The people that I got third when I really got fourth. I was mad. From that day forward I leaned not to follow people. The life lesson is that if you follow people you can end up restarting all the work that you did and you have to get back up to speed. Like for example me, I crashed and it took a time to heal and get to speed again. So here 's my question, have you ever got set back or reset? If so you people know what I 'm talking about. When you work so hard then all of it destroyed is just heart breaking. I wish that I could turn time and redo that day because then I could live without that scar. But when you get older, then you could tell all the pleasurable deep details. But if I did go back in time I would tell myself that “If it don 't kill you it’ll make you stronger and persevere and barge though

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