The Survivor: A Short Story

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The Survivor

He had lost track of how long they had been walking- It was more than a day and a half at least. The sun had already disappeared once before, leaving them in the freezing cold. They had stumbled on still, too scared to sleep and too cold to stay still.

All Roy wanted was a good nap. He had lost the urge to eat ages ago( around the time they had to bury Tinas body so that the animals would not get to it), but his eyes drooped every second, desperate for rest. His best friend Connor was in the ams state as him. Connors pants were ripped in several places when he hd fallen multiple times, tripping over the roots that struck out of the ground. His other friend, Maya, was the only one with the sane mind. Walking ahead of the two
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He wished it would happen much, much later, but he had no choice. His hand moved to the special slot in his bag. His fingers moved past the smooth surface of the hidden diamonds and found the hilt of precious army knife. He walked up to Connor as casually as he could manage, and in one swift motion, he sliced through Connor deck, watching his friends eyes widen and shut repeatedly as the life drained out of him. Dealing with Maya was much harder. She had gotten over her shock, and was ready for him with her stick in hand. She wasted no time in waiting to attack, her years of army training coming to good use now. Roy used his backpack as a shield. Mayas face was set, and despite everything, Roy felt his energy draining. He realised dismally- Maya was winning. All he wanted to do, was…show more content…
Both men were clearly dead. They fit the description of the convicts they were after. They seemed to have gotten into some sort of brawl, and ended up murdering each other. The first man, Connor, seemed to have bled to death, judging by the puddle of blood surrounding him. His neck was torn apart, and both eyes were tightly shut. The second man lay a few feet away possessed multiple stab wounds all over his body, and the knife lay right next to him almost innocently. There were no bags around the men containing their possessions- The Officer was surprised they even made it this
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