Personal Narrative: The Tattoo Gun

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I guess on day two, I broke one of the tattoo artist commandments and asked if the “Tattoo Gun” was missing any parts. As soon as the words slipped through my lips, all four artists, who were in the shop that day stopped tattooing and piercing, looked at me and yelled: “IT’S A TATTOO MACHINE NOT A TATTOO GUN”! I felt my face get red and hot. It was like I insulted their God or something. Apologizing many times did not seem to do any good. They were most unforgiving and did not take the count I was not yet familiar with their terms yet. As I investigated why the words “tattoo gun” are so offensive to tattoo artist my writing for my learning spec that night was almost effortless. Reading that “as pretentious as this may sound; “serious
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