Personal Narrative: The Terrorizing Tornado

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The Terrorizing Tornado The beat of my heart was getting faster and faster by the second. My nerves were unruly! I was at a friends birthday party with several other girls. We all went to stay the night at Great Wolf Lodge. I was ready to have so much fun, and make our friend have the best birthday possible. When I left I knew that I wouldn’t want to ride any of the big slides there, even though all of my friends wanted to ride them. By the end of the day I had rode all but one. My friends told me that I just needed to do it and that it was so much fun. Once upon a time I was afraid of the Tornado, a massive water slide, because it was closed in with no light and there was a deep-dark drop off, but I overcame the fear. If I was to back down and not go on this water slide I knew that I would regret not going when we left for home. The slide was called ¨Tornado¨ and that didn't sound very pleasing to me. All my friends had already been down it several times and I was the only one left to…show more content…
Before we knew it we were only one behind. I started to get nauseated and I was freaking out. I had clammy hands and my friends were starting to worry about me. It was now our turn and there wasn't any stopping now. I got on and I was telling myself that I needed to calm down. ¨3..2..1..¨ said the worker. He pushed the tube and in no time we were zooming down into the dark. The only thing I could hear was my friends scream ¨DROP!¨ and we were going down into this deep-dark drop off. Finally we came to an opening where there was light and we were going up the slide and then back down from right to left a couple of times. The damp wet taste was on my throat as I tried to take a breath. Once we stopped swaying up and down we went into to the normal part of the slide. That took us back into the water park where you inhale the scent of wet people and damp clothes. Once we were back in the park the slide was
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