Personal Narrative: The Time I Was Almost Kidnapped

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The Time I Was Almost Kidnapped
As a kid in a grocery store you were most likely shorter than most everything except a few shelves, Until you finally got old enough to reach the buggy. I never expected it to be a hazard but after you here my thought to be horror story you might inform toddlers not to look at buggy’s to identify your parent.
I still have a very vivid memory of this day. It still scares me to think of what could 've happened had I not jumped off the buggy and ran. So one sunny Sunday my whole family came over after church. Like usual we had nothing to eat so we decided to go to nashville to eat at Papa Poblanos. It was a very lovely meal . I had chicken nuggets ( I was a very picky child). But I remember going out into that hot beating
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I didn 't have a good feeling in my stomach about this but I thought maybe maybe it was the sun and a full tummy.
Once we had made it to Walmart we made our way from isle to isle grabbing lots of things to munch on for the week to come. I specifically remember fruity pebbles for some odd reason. So after getting all the groceries we needed for the week we decided to go look at the plants since it was almost that time of year to plant a garden. I started to wonder like most 5-7 year olds do. I looked at the grills and made my way to the beautiful flowers , soon I thought I had lost my mom , So I instantly started to look for her buggy. I ran up and down all the isles of where I had just been and after what had seemed like an hour of searching I came up to two buggies both of which looked to have the same items we had in our buggy including the fruity pebbles . So I decided to get on the front of the buggy. As I stood looking around I suddenly heard the sound a buggy makes when it
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