Personal Narrative: The Trail

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Following the trek leader on a trail at philmont, new mexico, we came across one of the many river crossings. my patrol leader, cody went across before the rest of us crossed. The trail lead up a rugged rock staircase and on to the other side of the mountain into one of the valleys and the Moss covered forest. An almost indescribable atmosphere surrounded me as I jumped across the river. Dizzy, the sandstone cliffs spinning around above me, I felt as if I was losing my grip on my life. Voices came from every direction. An oppressive force weighed down on me as I swayed in the middle of the river, barely able to stand. It was almost to difficult to breath, it felt like I was being pushed, pulled and shaken slowly by an unseen force in a rage. It was like…show more content…
A moth followed me along the trail, leading me along the trail. It was joined by others. Still dazed I felt as though I was lifted from the ground, my feet were light on the ground, I felt propelled at speed down the steep mountain and over the dirt trail. My troop can attest to the speed at which I descended especially considering my deteriorating state of health. My mind and bleary eyes told me that at least two dark thin warrior looking men were carrying me with their arms, one on either side. I was still feeling propelled on the other side as many different screaming voices got into my head, sounding like the were chasing me along the trail, screaming as if they wanted to get rid of me. They stopped half way, but kept up with a barrage of insults before disappearing into the forest. Moths continued to filter along the trail guiding me to the next camp or making sure I went on the right path. My mind and body seemed to come back to me, then and I was hit with a massive migraine. Upon reaching the camp I was vomiting and seriously ill. To this day i cannot figure out what the faces meant by “ it was my fault,and that I had to make it

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