Personal Narrative-The Trampoline

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‘’RR’’ I bounced on the old rusty trampoline, preparing myself to flip over and do a tuck. I looked at the camera I had set up to record myself, I had sworn I was doing it wrong and I needed to see what I was doing. I soon later found out I was doing it REALLY wrong. I take a deep breathe even though I've done this so many times before, I then do the actual flip. All goes good and I land neatly on my feet. Something else was about to happen but I had no clue. I rebounded in my tuck, which wasn't unusual, but this time was different. Instead of just jumping up I went back, straight back. I rocketed through the rusty springs head first. I knew there was no way to stop myself. ‘BANG’’ my head violently banged on the metal bars of the trampoline. ‘’OWW!’’ I screamed trying to push myself up and out in between the trampoline. That was one of the worst pains I had ever felt. I thought that it would hurt forever, even though I knew that wasn't realistic.…show more content…
I couldn't get up for about a minute. I pushed myself up and looked back. The trampoline had a dent in its bar. At that point, I didn't even care. My head was pounding and my teeth were aching. I quickly turned off the camera and tried to sooth the pain by lying on the trampoline and going on my phone. If you're wondering, my mom doesn't know, she wasn't home. I didn't want to tell her and never will tell her because she will freak out and I'll never hear the end of it. I should have told her but I obviously never did. I now realize that going on my phone wasn't the best idea, because if I did have a concussion that would have made it worse. The throbbing pain lasted for hours and the aching in my teeth also lasted for an abnormal amount of time. It was scary at the moment, but now looking back at the video I still have a laugh very hard. I also realize I was super dumb to jump on a trampoline without a
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