Personal Narrative: The Transition Of Childhood

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Looking back when I was growing up, or just with younger children we were always trying to grow up to soon. Until now I really didn 't understand what status offending was. Yes I did some bad things, but I never got caught and it wasn 't that bad. The reason children even break these rules, because society establishes the rules on the child in the first place. When children wake up to when they go to bed, constantly there are rules they have to follow on a daily basis. Adults have to follow rules to, but it doesn 't discriminant their age or physical appearance. Kids today want to be able to grow up. Society won 't let them with all these rules. From what I read, and I agree with is past generations grew up faster than mine. Our society now…show more content…
In the reading it talked about if what children are doing is considered a transition or rebellion. I of course from what I stated previously think it is a transition. On the gender side of things there are different paths to adulthood children have to take. On the male part the displaying of masculinity was spot on. For men to be taking seriously you have to act the part. Sometimes you have to be aggressive at reason. I do not mean be barbaric animal, but not a push over. So as a man if you do not want society to think you are a child assert yourself as a man and stand up for yourself. Become the dominant male adult you see yourself as. On the female side of things the female adaptation its the aspect of finally being in control of you. Having the power over your body, and letting the society know how beautiful you are. Young women wear make up have their own sense of style of clothing. They want to give to show society what they see themselves as and that is an adult woman. Summing it all up by saying adolescence need chances to grow up. They can 't be a child forever, so give them some leeway. I understand laws are put into play to protect children. On the other hand if it hindering positive growth into adulthood society needs to change
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