Personal Narrative: The Trip To The Middle Ages

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The Trip to the Middle Ages The night was calm and windy. Jimmy and Lucy lived with their parents in a white big house. Jimmy was nine years old. He was not shy, love school and learning. He was considered smart, responsible and not clean at all. His sister, Lucy was eight years old. She was the complete opposite of her brother. For instead, she was shy and she hated school. She often asked her parents if one of them has been adopted. After saying goodnight to their parents, they went to bed. While they were sleeping in their enormous rooms, something creepy happened: they conjure in a nasty and stinky street; Lucy said, “Where..where are we?” “How am I suppose to know?” Jimmy responded. For Jimmy the situation was urgent. The air was toxic. It smelled so bad that they needed to cover their noses with their clothes. They saw people working on the street and they did not know what used, because they seemed not to be disturbed by the smell. So the two young people continued their mysterious visit. On their way, they saw a young man, tall, very skinny and also very dirty. So they decided to ask him where they were and how do they get home. Jimmy said, “Hello sir, where are we?” “We are in the Middle Ages.” said the gentleman. “The Middle Ages?” Lucy asked. “Yes, it is a time period where *Feudalism worked.” “Feu...feu..What?” Said Lucy with a little hesitation. “Feudalism, a social and economic system in which people exchanged loyalty and labor for a lord’s protection.”

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