Personal Narrative: The Twelve Photos

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To really discover myself, I must look toward myself, not in the way I have perceived myself before. I must look through an unknown foreign third person perspective to discover myself through the evidence I have left behind that resembles the thought of who I am. I must also peer into how I convey my identity with the objects that I own, and must create resemblance with my evidence and my character. I must inspect the photos of items he left behind, and conclude his personality traits. Luckily, I have left evidence behind when I took two personal tests. The Twelve Photos Test, and the Twenty Statements test, that I believed really defined me as who I currently am today. Unfortunately, I will be using one test out of the two, I decided to take the photos of the twelve statements test for a variety of reasons. Firstly, one can take much more information from a photo than a statement, and secondly, Gosling used the same exact tactic that I will be employing. Using Gosling’s method of “snooping”, I will impersonate the role of a detective. I will look through the pictures I have…show more content…
Being a catcher requires numerous talent, a great arm, and to have great hand eye coordination. The catcher is the one who leads the team while defending, telling the pitcher which pitch to throw and where. He commands where the whole infield is going to be stationed,especially if someone were to lay down a bunt, and if a runner were to steal a base. A catcher must know the entire ball game inside and out. He must know when to intentionally walk someone, and also must determine where to position a certain pitch in order for a batter to strikeout. He must have great upper arm and lower body strength to snap the pitch as hard and accurately as possible the millisecond it reaches the glove. The catcher has a lot of responsibilities, hard work, and abilities. Being that he was part of a team that was 18-0 in the sectionals prove to me he has the redeeming qualities of a advantageous
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