Personal Narrative: The Tyrant

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I was teaching a lesson when an obnoxious ringing noise came from the back row. I approached the source of ringing, and wound up at the desk of a pale skinned, long haired boy. There was something odd about this boy, he was definitely socially awkward and there was something that made him different from the rest of the crowd, but I just couldn’t tell what that quality was. Anyways, I extend my hand and signal for the device making the noise. The pale faced student gives me nervous look. I signal again with my fingers, there were low murmurs and whispers from all around the room. After a long pause, he finally surrenders his device to me. I place his device on my desk and proceed with my lesson. Periodically I would take a glance at the students, to see if they were listening. I made eye contact with the paled skinned student, he was as nervous as a cat, I could have sworn he was shaking as well. When I had finished my lesson, I gave the students time to work on their homework. I returned to my desk, I finally had the chance to read the book I had wanted to read all week long, “The Tyrant”. Suddenly, the confiscated device began to vibrate on my desk. I glanced over, the screen lit up and there is a text saying, “We’re going to find you after school and beat the **** out of you.” At this point I needed to decide if it was just a joke or…show more content…
He explained that he was indeed being bullied by a couple of students in my other class. A first it was just one person, but several others joined in as the week passed, it seemed pleasurable for them. It began with verbal abuse on social media and now they were going to deal it to him physically today. They also threatened him, saying that if he ever told anyone “his life would be ruined.” He continued and said they did all this because he had a condition that caused him to appear malnourished. So it was easy for his peers to take advantage of
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