Personal Narrative: The US Open

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I wake up in my hotel room feeling groggy and sleepy. I look around my room and see the white walls, the T.V in front of me, the door to my left and window to my right. I go over to the window and open the curtains and see the vast city before me. The skyscrapers towering over me and the empire state building of in the distance. I open the window and I feel a brisk wind that sends a chill down my spine. I’m in this wonderful city for one reason. Tennis. I’m playing in the U.S Open and today is the finals and I’m in it. I walk outside of my hotel and I’m preparing myself for the match. I have my racquets, bag, and all the other things I’m going to need for the match. The US Open is one of the biggest pro tournaments around the world and if I win it I I’ll be one of the greatest to ever play tennis. After looking up from my bag I see a sea of yellow taxis. All of them varying in size from vans to SUVs. It’s overwhelming. I hailed a cab and…show more content…
I’m under the center court right now with my opponent waiting to be called up to play. I’m feeling so nervous my legs are shaking, then all of a sudden my name is called to go out on to the court. When I get on to the court the crowd roars with excitement. I look around the huge stadium and it is packed to its fullest capacity. Then it’s time to start the match. The match is long and grueling. Going back and forth the crowd on the edge of their seats. I win a point then he comes right back and wins another point. The match goes to a fifth set. (Which is the closet a tennis match can be.) We’re battling then finally I get my chance and take and I have match point. I can’t believe it. Then my opponent hits his serve and I return and he misses in the net. I’m astounded. I won one of the biggest pro tournaments around the world that people dream of winning. Then there’s a trophy ceremony and I get my trophy. As I’m hoisting the trophy in the air triumphantly I think to myself, this is the perfect
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