Personal Narrative-The Ugly Cow

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There once was a very ugly cow named Shaun. He was a very, very, ugly cow but a happy one to say the least. Now you 're probably wondering, what made Shaun such an ugly cow. To put it bluntly for you he had brown patches and white skin instead of black patches and white skin. What made it worse for poor little Shaun was he also had this weird overbite going for him and everybody noticed it right away and all the other cows made fun of him for it especially Cheyenne, and Zee. Cheyenne, and Zee were the purest white cows in all of the field/barn and they made Shaun look like a rotten potato thrown at a wall then beat with a steel mallet until it was complete mush for the pigs to eat. Cheyenne and Zee knew that Shaun was different and made fun…show more content…
Papa John started feeling every part of his body for any signs of lumps and he didn’t find any thankfully but Papa John did say something was wrong with his coordination and he can’t have that going in the slaughter house so he said wait and see later on the year.
“Ha, looks like Shaun or should I say Jaws didn’t get picked to go!” Cheyenne said while Papa John was checking her out. Papa John started yelling at Cheyenne for moving around so much when she was suppose to stand still.
“Easy there Rarity don’t move so much around or I’ll bring out the cattle prod on you!” Cheyenne was always called Rarity by Papa John cause of her looks and that made Shaun so mad. When Papa John finished inspection he said none of us were ready to be picked yet and he’d wait another week and see if any improvements happened and if there was he’ll pick a cow. At this point Shaun didn’t know what to do really cause you really can’t improve your coordination so he came up with this plan to sneak into the slaughter house without anyone seeing him go in. He would need some help though trying to get into the slaughter house. “Hmmm who would help an ugly cow like me get into a slaughter house……. Wait I got it Bronze can help me out since he owes me anyways,” and just like that Shaun trotted off to the stables to go see his acquaintance. Bronze was a sturdy brown steed made for Papa John’s daughter to ride around on behind the
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