Personal Narrative: The Unspoken Truth

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The unspoken truth
I can still remember clearly like it had just occurred a couple days ago, however, it was a decade ago, and till this day it still manifests itself: reconstructing in my mind after each attempt trying to obliterate those obscene and explicit images. I was taken advantage of while not even knowing it; later on, I found out what really happened in my past due to the fact that these things don’t happen frequently.
Later on, I grew to understand that it indeed happens frequently, although it is just not spoken of because it’s a delicate topic to talk about. People might be sorry but I do not need their pity either their fake apologies. What a person really needs, in this case, is a lending ear and a good friend that cares for
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I had a passion for playing sports, such as soccer, tennis, and running they were one of my favorite things to play. I still to this day I participate in a few of them. Soccer was a sport that I enjoyed, I interact with new people and made new friends along the way. Soccer is one of the sports that any petit brown boy learns to play first. I started to play when I was about 4, I thought I was the best one in the world when in reality I was subpar. I learned more and more of all the beauteous aspects of such a simple but also complex…show more content…
When in reality he was really good at manipulating me and I believed him. I liked when things were finish I could have my body to my self and not feel his hands all over my head to toes. I said I had to leave I put on my clothes and my shoes on and ran out of there to my uncle for help. I found him mad saying “we have been looking for you the past 20 minutes since the game had ended where were you at I “immediately said the bathroom and this” he interrupted me before I could finish and said “This is the first and last time I will never bring you never again until you are more mature and ready” I said “ okay... I am sorry… it wasn't my fault ” in a depressing tone it was something I never knew my voice could do he said “ I don't want to hear it whatever what is done is done we can move on until you become mature” I didn't say anything else I just dropped it I could not argue with him I know I would lose and l would be in worse trouble than what I already was in. I knew from that moment I had to make an oath with myself about how I will not tell anything that happened on July eight in two thousand and
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