Personal Narrative: The Varsity Soccer Team

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The start of my freshman year was a thrilling experience for me. To start out my freshman year I made the schools Varsity soccer team, a huge accomplishment for me. However, I was naïve to the coming situation to myself. I was on the path to continuous harassment from teammates as I was surrounded by seniors. Many of the seniors had egos, full of themselves in every aspect possible. It was a rude awakening to the reality of high school to be apart of this team as a freshman. In retrospect, I believe that my transition into high school would have been smoother if I would’ve asked to be on the Junior varsity. Although this would have hindered my growth as a player, it’s a sacrifice I realize now that would have been worth it.

The commencement of this harassment came during the start of school at lunch, a couple weeks …show more content…

Through the constant harassment from the player I realized that I had to take some course of action to prevent myself from falling victim to this for the rest of the year. I could not earn respect by playing soccer because I was not a starter for the team nor did the seniors support me, hence the situation I was in. I realize they may have been a better way to go about this but I felt hopeless and frustrated with all the continuous bullying that I could no longer stand it. Due to this whole semester of bullying from this player I had a strong sense of dissent towards the players on team not allowing me to have a team bond that I experienced before this year. I hindered greatly from having confidence of myself which ultimately led me to have a indifferent beginning to my high school career. Following that year I made sure every season returning to soccer in the fall, that all freshman and new players were welcomed and felt like this team was a group of people they could count on no matter

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