Personal Narrative: The Volunteer Spirit

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The Volunteer Spirit is something I experience every single day with my immediate family and my volunteer family. Growing up in Tennessee, I have spent my whole life dreaming of attending and graduating The University of Tennessee as my four older siblings and grandad have done before me. The Volunteer Spirit, to me, means loving your fellow man, working hard, and possibly most importantly, loving Tennessee Volunteers Football!

The Volunteers have always played a huge role in my life. I remember when my brother was a cheerleader at the university, how excited I was to go to every home game and support our team. There is something about Neyland Stadium that you cannot experience anywhere else. As soon as I walk into the stadium I can feel the
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It does not matter if it is basketball or football we are always excited to support the vols! The first thing I did after receiving my acceptance letter was drive over to show my grandparents’ house and show them. To see how proud they were of me, honestly gave me chills.

I am beyond excited to arrive on campus as a student; I know that the next four years will shape me into the man I am to become. I have always held myself to a high academic and moral standard, therefore I believe joining a fraternity will be an amazing and helpful experience. Knowing that I will be surrounded by other passionate young men driven to succeed and filled with the volunteer spirit gives me great confidence.

Something that excites me very much about the University of Tennessee is the diversity. I believe that inclusion of everyone is a key virtue of the volunteer spirit. The only way to grow and prosper is to accept everyone as they are and work together to reach your common goal. This is something that UT does very well and I know I can continue to push this initiative.

Upon graduation from the Haslam College of Business I plan to enroll in the two-year MBA program. Being able to earn my masters at UT will be incredibly beneficial for me as I begin my career right here in Tennessee. I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to give back to the university that has already done so much for me. I suppose the reason I have such a passion for the University of Tennessee is because the vol spirit is part of me. It always has been and always will
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