Personal Narrative: The Waitress From The Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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The Waitress from the Coming of Age in Mississippi I have never seen how Americans treated colored people in person, but I knew there were rules that colored people had to follow. I was 17 years old and my parents decided that it was time for me to work, so that I could earn my own money. It was my first day at work, and I thought that everything was going to be fine, but I was wrong. It was at 11:15 am when everything went down south. Three colored people entered the diner, one male and two females. They sat in the incorrect area because only whites could sit there. Colored people were only allowed to sit in the back of the diner. I was their waitress, and I was a bit nervous; with it being my first day. I ignored them a few times, while thinking…show more content…
I thought she was going to start a riot. So I turned the lights out behind the counter and ran with the other waitress to the back of the store. As we were all at the back of the store, I realized that other customers were still in there. The other waitress were discussing how the African Americans were rude and how they didn’t follow the rules that applied to them. As they were discussing that certain situation, it was already noon. High school students came into the diner and saw the colored people in their seats. I saw from the window in the back diner that they were taunting them and throwing food at them. I could see them being dragged across the diner where the door was, but they would get up and sit right back where they were. They would treat them with such hostility, like if their lives didn’t matter to them. Everything in the diner was a chaos, there was food everywhere. I wanted to help, but I was paralyzed by the fact that everyone was so cruel to them. I decided to call the police so that they would stop all this insanity. They came and I quickly approached them. I told the police about the situation and all they said was, “Well take it from here
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