Personal Narrative: The Wave That Changed My Life

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I was pulled underwater by the strong current, holding my breathe for as long as I could while I waited for the right time to swim back to the surface. My board kept me aware of where I was because I was completely disoriented by the wave that had just hit me.I was fearing for my life, hoping that one of my friends who I was surfing with would come and help me back up. I was struggling to not be sucked deeper by the oceans current and was trying to get back to the surface. Going through my head was the idea that one of my friends would come help me, but they were too far away from me to help. My board helped me get back to the surface and regain my awareness for where I was. I swam back to the surface and my friends were frantically trying to get to me, but I was okay. I kept calm and let the ocean deal with me until I could get back to the surface.…show more content…
My friends and I drove down to the beach a day later than my parents, so when we arrived there my parents were already there. We went to the beaches in Stone Harbor and Avalon, to go surfing. I had never been surfing and neither had one of my friends, however my other friend was a pretty good surfer, he had surfed for most of his life and was willing to teach us in the art of surfing. When we reached the beach it was after five in the evening and the lifeguards had left and we were ready to start surfing.We rushed into the water right when we stepped on the beach, the water was only a little bit colder than the water in my pool that and swam out to the small rough waves. Close to shore the small rough waves made it hard for us to get out to the big blue Crashing waves farther out. My novice friend and I had trouble getting as far out into the ocean as my other friend, but eventually we made it out. It was around 6 pm and the sun was still out making it prime surfing time and I still was just trying to stand

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