Personal Narrative: The Wicked Witch

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It was March 6, and it was a really busy day. I was running around, in Splash Lagoon in Erie, PA and making sure everything was arranged correctly before all my guests arrived at 12:00 pm. I looked at my waterproof watch, as I stood in the kiddie pool with little slides and little fountain decorations set up in the 2 feet water and ready to be played with.
“Hey little kid, watch out!” I yelled and hurried to the kid who almost ran into the table, that was placed in the middle of the water. “Where is Mackenzie!” I heard a yell and looked up to see The Wicked Witch of the West as she rode around on her broomstick. “I’m right here, Wicked!” I shouted. She came down beside me and looked around. “Wicked, what was the 2 rules I gave you?”
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“IT’S OKAY DOROTHY!” I yelled back, “WICKED, DON’T GO OVER THERE! UNLESS YOU WANT TO MELT TODAY!” I yelled over the blaring alarm while walking up to her, and turning her to show her what I was talking about. As soon as we turned around, a giant bucket of water spilled down and soaked every anxious child that was waiting to be splashed. After the screaming and blaring was done, I turned around and asked everyone,
“Who wants to go and have some fun in the water before we eat some cake and ice cream, then open presents?” Everyone cheered a ‘YEAH!’ except for Wicked, she just gave me an evil glare.
“Oh yeah! Let’s go and play in the water while Wicked sits in a stupid, floating teacup, that only floats because she used her magic on it!” Wicked cheered sarcastically, “Cause you know, I can just jump out of this teacup and play in the water!” We all just shook our heads and walked over to the changing rooms. “Come on Wicked! Even your monkeys are relaxing.” I said, turning around and pointing to the hot tub to see the monkeys relaxing.
“Mackenzie, what is 100 in spanish?” Dora said out of the
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After that we played some more, Dora asked more questions out of the blue, and Wicked was still trying to get Dorothy’s shoes out of the locker that she rented. After an hour, we packed up, got changed and stood in front of the kiddie pool. “Thanks for coming everyone! Oh, and Wicked,” I said before I turned to her, she was finally out of the cup, and I pushed her into the kiddie pool. “Don’t try ruining my birthday party again.” I said, and we all left on our way home with Dorothy riding home on Wicked’s broom and Dora and Boots walking home. So if anyone asks, I can say my weirdest, but yet funniest birthday will have to be my 14th
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