Personal Narrative-The Willow Tree In Oasis Springs

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“The willow tree,” they told me as I walked out of the store. I never really listened to the townspeople as they were practically insane, so when Mr. Brown told me about the tree, I didn’t think much about it. I had never even seen a willow tree in Oasis Springs before that walk home. I remember walking out of the store and seeing a massive long-leafed willow tree at least forty-five feet tall. I was shocked; it were as if it magically appeared. The bark was chipping and it looked sick. I reached up and pulled a leaf off the tree. I decided to keep it as a reminder of this amazing occurrence. We didn’t get many big trees in Oasis Springs, especially in the town. By the time I got home, it was night. I remember running up the stairs to my mom to let her know I was home. I had a really hard time sleeping; there was a huge storm outside. I’d never seen so much rain in my life. By the time I actually fell asleep, it was morning. When I next looked outside, the ground was struggling to get rid of all the water. I remember running outside, but I was stuck on the deck; there was too much water. The…show more content…
The willow tree! I knew I had to get to that tree. I jumped onto a floating piece of debris, which looked as if it used to be part of someone’s house. I used my hands as the paddle. I remember approaching the tree; practically all the leaves were gone. When I went up and touched the tree, a wave came and I was stuck! It was a tsunami! I remember being so confused; We didn’t have an earthquake. . . ? I couldn’t worry about that, the wave was approaching too fast. I jumped off the sheet of metal and started swimming. I was too tired because I didn’t get enough sleep and collapsed. I felt the water rushing over me. I survived. It was Mr. Brown who grabbed me and brought me to the largest hill; he saved my life. Mr. Brown and I were the only survivors of that tragedy. Later, we returned to Oasis Springs by helicopter, and all that was left was the willow

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