Creative Writing: Worst Day In School

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Pure black kitten, Bugera, would always meow from five o’clock in the morning. The girl pouted, “Bugey, not again.” She put down her pen and opened the window, her silky hair fluttered in the breeze. A boundless stretch of blue sky, without any cloud but blue. It was nice and warm. She thought it would not be the worst day of the week. The white snow was left from the last weekend. It brought a bit coldness in the air. She closed her eyes and felt the wind was dancing on her face.
Mia got up and changed to the uniform. “ Where are my shoes?” She paused a while and grabbed her sneakers. “Ugh, school.” she grinned and walked to school with quick steps. She wished it would be a lucky day.
In the twinkling of an eye, she was standing aside the hallway, facing to her locker, a mystery box, it could be good or bad. A pallid ray of winter sun shined on her face. She wiped the sweat from her hand and opened the door. It was
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All the talk made her ears buzz. She gazed at it with her fists clenched. She had already to give up her locker, it had been mass up again even she tidied up. “Hey, dirty girl! Don’t you want to clean up your locker?” Diana asked her. Diana was her friend. Mia believed that Diana was an ocean, she was beautiful and unfathomable. Mia plunged in but she had discovered nothing. She faced to Diana and she murmured.“I would like to switch another one.” “How is last weekend?” Diana was flabbergasted and asked. “I got a cat last Saturday, he is so cute but a little bit naughty. I like him!” Her voice sounded excited. “Really?! Nice” Diana said with a cracked smile. “It was totally the worst weekend. My dog broke my headphone, ripped my new sofa, and ate my snacks! I wished I would have a cat.” Ava smirked and came up. She hold Mia’s arm tightly and blocked teacher’s view from her
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