Personal Narrative: My Best Basketball Player

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Everyone knows I’m not the best player on the team, but at least I made the team right? Wrong just because I’m at every single practice, I attend every game, doesn’t mean we are all seen the same. They are better than me, they show me all the time. I know the girl’s basketball team doesn’t always see me as a teammate, half of the time I don’t view myself as one because of the lack of playing time I have. These terrible facts knocked me in the head at one of our last games.
The game wasn’t challenging to score, but it was a big game. We were facing our rivals, Centerton, and attempting to hold them to zero. The entire world planned on coming. Everyone was gonna be there, seeing me mess up. Everyone, watching the worst game of my life. That night they all witnessed something no soul would wish their worst enemy seeing. The game began with the loudest buzzer in history ringing throughout the gym. The first quarter flew by.
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My countless mistakes were unacceptable not making me valuable to the team. My teammate reached for my hand as I crept to the bench, I ignored them. My negative attitude swarmed over me like a gigantic storm cloud. My feelings were scrambled with embarrassment and anger so I didn’t wanna deal with anyone so I sat by the water jug.
Fortunately, you weren’t in my dirty Kyrie 3’s that night. No amount of money could make anyone want to be in my shoes. After the tragedy, I realized something needed to change for the better. I no longer wanna disappoint my teammates, parents, the crowd and my friends. What mistakes have you learned from? I still continued to work hard and attend the games and practices.I did this so the possibility of me being seen as a teammate will increase. I don’t wanna be looked down at like a stranger, or a “they”, nobody cares about. One day I will be seen, I will be treated and viewed the same as them. One
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