Personal Narrative: The Yellow Brick Road

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The journey is like working and getting money to buy a vehicle instead of letting your parents buy it for you. If you work for it, it means more to you buying your self. I think that 's how everything should be in life.the journey to the destination is more important because you go through a process, works for your own money, then i bought a dirt bike.

First and foremost, the journey will let you know if you really want the goal. If you work hard for it and get the goal you will want to work harder to achieve the next goal. While you put time into the goal it means more to you. Since it 's working for you you 're gonna work harder longer towards your goal because you want to be better achieving more. By working with my brother mowing yards i made enough money that bought me my dirt bike, an Xbox, and a truck but my dad helped me out some on the truck. Now if if you don 't put the time and effort in you want get what you want.
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Moreover, having steps to the goal makes a fun time for you and whomever. Going through a process makes it more sentimental to you because you 've worked hard for it for a long time. Working over the past months has made me money working for my dad, my brother, and uncle. That money has helped me buy my dirt bike to ride with my friends.

Furthermore, the steps to the journey add to your social network. In other words snapchat and facebook makes it easier to make friends. For example playing sports also let you know what 's going on at other schools. Although snapchat and facebook will let you find some of that out to but if you hear it from someone in person it easier to

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