Personal Narrative: The Yellow Snapchat Changed My Life

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Besides the fact that Snapchat is a great app that helps me communicate with people from all around the world, allows me to take great pictures of myself with silly "filters," and lets me post to "My Story" so others can see what I am doing that day, the yellow Snapchat application on my phone is my favorite app because of the way it can brighten, not only my day, but everyone 's day. I have worked as a Summer Recreation counselor for two summers so far, and plan to work at the same camp this summer as well. I will admit, the children attending are sometimes unruly and annoying; however, most of the kids, whether they are five or twelve, are really awesome. The girl I 'm mainly concerned about for this essay is Ayame. She is definitely…show more content…
I talked to her, asking her all about why she was upset and if she wanted to play with me or go on the swings when I received a Snapchat from a friend. When I opened it, the idea came to me. I held the screen until the option for little filters came up, giving me the option to have stars circle my head or look like a puppy with ears and a long tongue when I opened my mouth. I held it in front of both of us and told Aya to look at the screen. When she looked up the filter went onto her face and we both looked like little puppies. Then I used the one that made our eyes look like bug eyes. After scrolling through all the filters Aya was laughing hysterically. This picture actually came a few days after the first day, because she still cried for a couple more days if I didn 't do this with her every morning. Eventually, she stopped crying every day and made a friend that she called her best friend within hours of meeting. She still stole the counselors ' phones often asking for the "ghost game" (if you don 't know, Snapchat 's icon is a ghost). I love Snapchat because the uses are endless, be it taking really good selfies, or cheering up five-year-olds at my summer job, Snapchat is an app that houses a lot of memories for me, both figuratively, and
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