Personal Narrative: The Young Men's Christian Association

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For my practicum course I was given the chance to be an intern the YMCA, as an intern I was given a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment. The Young Men 's Christian Association was founded in London, England, on June 6, 1844, in response to unhealthy social conditions arising in the big cities at the end of the Industrial Revolution. Every YMCA offers fitness and exercise programs specifically geared toward older adults, such as Active Older Adult (AOA) classes, land and water-based arthritis classes, Stroke Wellness and Silver Sneakers. The Silver sneaker refers to the growing population of Baby Boomers and, in some cases, seniors over the age of 65. A growing number of health insurers offer…show more content…
Mrs. Bravo deals with depression from the loss of her husband, neglect from her children, income, and diabetes. By the age of 18 Virginia was married to her high school sweetheart and pregnant with her first child, widowed, single mother and alone, Virginia choose to leave New York on her own and move to Daytona Beach, starting her career as a teacher assistant in Mainland High School and various schools in Volusia County. At 28 Virginia decided to try love again, she married a man that she calls “love at first sight”. I choose to interview Ms. Bravo owing to the fact that she was the only person there from a different ethnicity background; due to the location of the YMCA there are not many elderly people from different ethnic background. During the interview Mrs. Bravo speaks about her reason she comes to YMCA, her life before and after her husband death and how the music from the active adult classes makes her reminisce about the good times she has shared with her husband and her kids. She also speaks about being lonely and depressed she expresses how she is not able to get out the house due to no transportation, she also speak about her income on how she cannot afford to stay alone she rents out an room in her house to…show more content…
I learned that a simple phone call means a lot to someone who lives on their own, talking to Virginia gave me insight to always make sure I have a relationship with my parents. My overall impression was amazed the way Mrs. Bravo carried herself I would never imagined she was lonely, depressed and slightly falling into poverty. As for the facility it is nice but there needs to be an essence of diversity from employers and participants. I would definitely recommend the YMCA to older people especially African Americans, due to the history of African Americans eating habits and health problems engaging in these fitness activities will end the stereotypes of our people. I wish there was a YMCA near my grandparents because they would be able to meet new people, become healthier and improve on their cognitive skills. Social and psychological needs for the elderly are no different from people my age, the quest of normal aging is formalized by the activity theory which applies to this completing this assignment. When older people maintain activities they become less isolated and find substitutes for work, friends and family that has passed. Once older people are engage and obtain social networks, social approval, and high self-esteem this enhances their well-being.
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