Personal Narrative: The Zenith Of Change

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I’m a trampoline made out of bones and nerves. I’M THE KIND WHO WILL HELP YOU TO JUMP TO THEIR GOALS AND DREAMS WITHOUT ANY CHARGE. It was the beginning of February, 2009. Students were getting ready for the tedious school registration. It was almost 8 a.m. and I was next, surprisingly I didn’t move due to the lady in front of me. She broke in berserk “One day this youth will stand up against this corrupted government! Oh, wait for it!.” she prophesied like a messiah as she trap more air in her lungs she proceeded with her prophesy “The zenith of change is in the hands of the naive minds you’re charging to study here…in what is suppose to be a public school.” Full of disappointment and hatred she left. For some reason her voice, the way her eyes sweated and the dryness of her skin got tattooed in my brain. But I didn't understand what each of those words meant at that moment they were meaningless for me. Until that day. It was the middle of September and the rumors took live on their own. “We need volunteers” expressed with exhilaration a twelfth grader. He told us—the seventh graders—how the government had been lying to us…show more content…
Four groups mobilized with wooden stick and rocks in hand. As we advanced we encountered the last boss in this impossible game. The blue guardians were prepared for the worst and so were we. The dense air walked in between each of us. The sweat roll down our backs like falling leafs. Heavily breathing was I. Not knowing what to do. Both groups were frozen like the chicken in the fridge. The awkwardness in the tea party broke when a rock in our side took the initiative. Once the rock punch the ogre the battle between Mordor and the fellows of the ring began. Sadly we were the Orcs and lost. We couldn't against the police. Defeated, we heard the godly message that said "it's all over, we accept your terms." We were broken but the news was a breeze that gave us
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