Personal Narrative: The Zipper Ride

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Every year my family goes to the carnival. When I was seven years old they had a new ride. Some of the rides were for big kids and other rides were for little kids. It’s wasn’t obvious to me at the time that, this was a ride for older kids. This ride was called “The Zipper”. This ride was not like the other rides, it’s screamed extreme. The zipper had these cage like shuttles, people would go into. Then the ride would do a vertical rotation all the way to the top, then it would drop down a little bit and do a front flip. As a seven year old, this ride was bizarre. I had never seen such glory before. I was disappointed when I found out I couldn’t go the ride. My mom told me I had at least wait another three years before I could go on the ride.…show more content…
I was super excited to go on the ride. As we from ride to ride, we eventually made our way to the zipper. According to the rules you MUST have someone go on the ride with you. My mom never liked roller coasters, so she wasn’t an option. My brother was too young. So the only person who would go with me was my dad. My dad must have known how badly I wanted to go on the ride, so he agreed to go with me. However, my dad kept hesitating to go on the ride. He kept asking me if I really wanted to do this and if I was sure. Finally, he ended up asking me if I was scared. Even though I was a little scared I denied my feelings and said no. It wasn’t long until we were next on the ride. I fear began to rose as I soon realized I was about to go on. My dad asked me one last time if I really wanted to do this, as much as I wanted to say no, I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t say no is because I did not want to look like a total
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