Personal Narrative: This Is Where I Am Toady

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“This is where I am toady” I am making an effort from where am today to achieve the necessary steps towards what I have conceived in my mind to become a professional MFT. Today, I am putting forth the effort to condition myself to go through the process of learning and understanding the different concepts that would help to make it a reality. Each move that I take going upward on the education letter put much closer to getting the apple that I desire to have. Where I am today there are many septs ahead, but I don’t mine climbing, I just got to hold tight and enjoy the climb keeping the apple in view as I get closer to picking the apple that I desire of the tree. “This is how I got here” How I have got her where through many ways, one of the ways how I got her is by mentally focusing on the task at hand and learning how to break old habits that have kept me from achieving the goals that I have set for myself. Also, with the support and encouragement of all the people, family, and…show more content…
I was invited by my brother-in-law to come a worship with him. This location was a predominately African American church setting. I thought that this was a good opportunity to do the observation in an area where there was a lot of people are group in a particular setting. Being a pastor of a church, it was easy to observe people in this particular setting without necessarily being notice observing anyone.
I observed several people within church setting which were two males and three females. My observation of the people that I had chosen began during and after church service. The first part of my observation was not as difficult as the latter part because they were in a sedentary position in the congregation while I observed them. It became difficult after the service was over because people started to fellowship with one another moving around in the crowd which made it more
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