Personal Narrative: Timothy's Life

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Timothy enjoyed his calm life. He lived in an old and rustic but homey cottage with his mother,Mrs. Mayfield and his father,Mr. Mayfield. A large part of Timothy’s time was spent with his dog, a big,brown,fluffy,collie named Lucy. He had known Lucy his entire life, they were best friends. They used to play in the nearby park and enjoy their rural town throughout the summer. The Mayfield family acknowledged that they weren’t a typical American family. Their many attempts to attend community events, along with the stares and whispers that they received proved just that. There was always something off about them. Despite the fact that most of the residents of their small town looked down on them for being strange, the Mayfields were generally…show more content…
His skin begins to peel, his hair begins to grow and his ears enlargen. He shape shifts into an alien. He begins to scream, making very loud noises and starts breaking and throwing things. At this point, Julia is freaking out, she runs upstairs and grabs Timothy and locks herself up in a bedroom. 20 minutes later, when things seem to calm down, Julia goes to check on David. The house looks like a complete mess, but Julia keeps quiet, she does not want David to have another episode. David dosen’t look like a monster anymore and he 's laying on the couch watching tv. She heads back upstairs and goes to sleep. She is both confused and scared. In the middle of the night, both Timothy and his mother Julia are sound asleep. Timothy slowly starts waking up to the sound of loud thumps coming for his bedroom. He hears his doorknob screech and his door open, he sees a shadow of a huge, ugly monster staring at him. David is hungry and since he ate all the other food in the house, Timothy was perfect. Luckily, Timothy had his pocket knife that his former father had given him for Christmas underneath his pillow. He waits as the monster gets closer and closer and pretends that he is asleep and all of sudden just as the monster is about to take his first bite , Timothy stabs the monster into his abdomen, ripping his bowles and causing him to bleed out. As Timothy ran the knife reluctantly through his “fathers” body, he felt a flurry of
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