Personal Narrative-Tokugawa Screampark

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Indy ScreamPark “Buzz buzz” I checked my phone to read the words “Indy Screampark?” It was from Emma Farr. I quickly typed “Negative!” I soon realized I was in a group text when what seemed to be 100 people texting at once, but was really only 4 people, were saying “Please Kerrigan go.” I really did not want to go because of my last experience there. Last time I went to Indy Screampark I was nine years old. I did not want to go then either but my parents made me go. When we went I walked with my mom, dad, brother, and my coach. Well of course nine year old me was balling my eyes out, as my parents were dragging me through the first room. I got stopped by a creepy little girl that called me “little chicken nugget.” For some reason that made
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