Personal Narrative: Touchdown Lafayette

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“Touchdown Lafayette!” This was the start to my high school career and we were losing in the first half of the game. It took them forever to score so I believed that the defense could go hard and stop them just once. We knew if we lost it would be some smack going on social media so someone had to step up. Its 2nd and 12 in the 3rd quarter and we are winning by 4. Down set hut, the person I 'm guarding runs deep and I drop back. I see the ball in the air so I do what I’m supposed to do so I jump to get it. The best thing just happened to me, I caught it. The receiver tried to take it from me but I wouldn 't let go. While the defense walks back to the sideline everyones jumping on me like I’m famous. Then a couple more drives later I get a tackle and then Mark catches a interception, so when I blocked for him I blind sided somebody. Coach tells us that if we could just get one stop we are going to win.…show more content…
I had to get my mind right that whole weekend because I knew it was going to be a big game for me. I just have to go out there and “Ball out.” People doubted me and said I couldn 't guard number 3 so I watch pros and trained myself because I knew he was a good receiver. When people doubt me I get mad and try my best to prove them wrong.

At the end of the game we came through and won. One of the best games I 've ever had in my life. The person who doubted me didn 't really play as much. My mom always told me to not listen to haters because they just want to
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