Personal Narrative-Touchdown Pirates

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It was almost 5 minutes till the end of the football game I was cheering at. The score was 14-6 and the Pirates were losing to the Barnegat Bengals. It was getting close to the end of the game so they really needed to score a touchdown. This could be the game that the Pirates won at. “Hopefully, this heat won't affect their playing!” I exclaimed.

“Come on boys!” “You have to win this!” A lady from the crowds yelled. The people in the stands always scare me a little because when they scream it's super loud and frightening. Sometimes people get way too crazy about these games.
We had lost every other game. I don’t want it to be like last year when they won around 2 games. I had a weird feeling that they were gonna win this game.
“We want a touchdown! We want a touchdown! We want a touchdown!” The stands cheered.

“If they don’t win this game I’m gonna be so
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Run! Run! Run!” We all screamed. This could be the touchdown we have been waiting for.
“Touchdown Pirates!” The announcer said into the microphone. “And an extra point 14-14! Can the Pirates score another touchdown?”
3 minutes went by and It was the last 2 minutes of the game. I couldn’t even imagine how hot the football players felt with their black jerseys! If they didn’t score a touchdown here they would not win. They threw the ball into the air. It twirled through the air, it looked as if the ball was moving in slow motion. It landed in number 11’s hands on our team.
“Let’s go! Run!” Everyone screamed. “We need a touch!” “Touchdown for the Pirates!” The announcer yelled with excitement. And the Pirates won!”
“We won!” I said with excitement to my cheer friends. I will never forget this game because it was the first win of the season and I didn’t feel embarrassed. The whole game I wanted to go home but I also wanted them to win. Everyone including me was jumping up and down because we were super happy that we won this game, especially because this was the second time we played the
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