Personal Narrative: Track And Field

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Feet Flight Track and field; my favorite sport in high school, although I never knew it was my thing until junior year. I joined because a majority of my friends were in it as well, and I wanted to try it out for myself. It was a decent first season. I hadn’t ever thought that I could be as good of a long jumper as I am now. This is a personal story I am sharing because I had one my most accomplished days of my life, yet life doesn’t always turn out perfect. It was late winter, senior year, when my second season of track and field started. I was well excited to be out in the crisp, fresh air to start practicing for my events. I decided to try high jump that season, along with long jump of course. Still, I had to be careful from the deep laceration…show more content…
The track team was let out of school early to make it there on time. The weather was chilly with a slight breeze. Before it came time for long jump, I warmed up, stretched, then ran down the runway marking my steps to make sure my last step was right on the board. The officials called out that it was time to start. I headed for the back of the line, waiting patiently for my turn. I was sure to keep my body moving to stay warm and stretched. When it was finally my time to shine, coach made it there just in time to watch. I bounced to first two steps and sprinted for the jump. I planted my foot, sprang in the air, and flew in the sky for what felt like minutes rather than seconds. In the distance, I barley heard some kids go “Woah”. It was the coolest thing. As I came down, I stretched for the sand, landed with a thump, and quickly got up to know my distance. The officials marked the jump and announced, “eighteen feet, eleven inches!” Coach and I were so excited; it was my new personal record by almost two feet! Coach yelled out “Where did that come from?!”. I honestly had no idea. I suppose it was just the fact that the weather was great and I was focused. I had three more jumps after that. I didn’t get any further, although I was able to keep it over eighteen feet. I had waited a few hours watching my friends compete while I was listening for my placement. Finally, the announcer got to the varsity boy’s long jump. He announced: third place, seventeen feet; second place, eighteen feet and five inches. Then for first place, I knew it had to be me. “First place, with a jump of eighteen feet and eleven inches…Kevin Ehlen.” It was so cool because I had received my first gold
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