Personal Narrative: Track And Field Sprinter

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For my passion, I have chosen to be a track and field sprinter. Why did I choose this? The reason I have chosen this topic is because I like to run and I am currently doing well on sprinting. What had led me to this passion? The answer to this will go back to when I started track which is 7th grade. When I was in Japan, everyone a choice to do after-school activity. One of that was track and field. At first I wasn 't interested in any activities, but when I found out that my best friend was joining the track team, I decided to join as well. I had no interests in sports until I realized that I was good at sprinting. After about 5 months of practice Monday through Saturday, I was the second fastest 7th grader 100m sprinter in the team and city! I was surprised at how well I can run and how good it feels to be running so fast. This is why I am writing about track and field as my passion. How has this passion affected my life so far? It has affected me in many ways. Since I started track and getting more serious about it, I had made new friends, interests, and a new life. Before finding this passion, track and field, I had no idea on what I wanted to do, what I am capable of. Therefore I didn 't want to try anything new. Now I feel like I want to challenge…show more content…
The conclusion of this is essay is that having a passion will help you have a better life. As you can see, after I discovered my passion my life changed to a positive way. My junk food habit has been terminated, I made lots of new friends, and I am more positive in every way. That is not to say that I do not have a bad day, but I am a happier person since I found my passion. Even in a changing and tough situation I can stay strong and handle whatever the obstacle I 'm facing, thanks to my confidence that I gained from pursuing my passion. In my opinion, discovering your passion is the first step to make your life enjoyable and meaningful. Whatever your passion is, it will lead you to a better version
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