Personal Narrative: Traveling To Spain

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It’s the summer of 2016 in West Virginia, my parents told my brother and I that we were traveling to Spain for the summer. I was certainly excited when they told us that, since it is a pretty place to travel to. With the towering mountains and glimmering ocean, green trees and bushes, as well as the fresh air that has a little hint of the salt from the ocean, which depends as to where in Spain you are at. My mom had said for my brother and I to make a list of what we’re going to take with us on the trip, and if we were thinking of taking any electronics, they should be put to charge. “Okay guys, go make a list of what you’re going to take with you on our trip. Make sure to take a book as well,” is what my mom had said to the both of us. We made a tiny list of what we were going to take with us, which was really just our phones, 3DS, and a book that I can’t quite remember the title. It wasn’t long until the day came when we were scheduled to fly to Madrid, Spain.We grabbed our bags and packed them into the car, with a bit of arguing from my brother and I, and we were off. Our destination, the airport. While my dad was driving us to the airport, he decided to drop a bit of a surprise on us.
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